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Five Guidelines for Developing a Sub-Brand Keyword Strategy

If you’ve tried Coca-Cola, you’ve possibly had a Diet Coke.

If you operate Google as your chosen seek engine, possibilities are you have got a Gmail account.

What’s the link among the 2? Both are excessive-profile agencies with high-profile sub-manufacturers.

Think of a sub-emblem as a room in a residence and the house as your emblem. Successful sub-branding method concentrated on the right target audience with the proper product.


If sub-manufacturers are a part of your business enterprise’s emblem architecture, a nicely-described sub-brand search engine marketing method facilitates maintain the lines clear.

Brands like Coca-Cola and Google do that properly, making it clean how their sub-brands are associated with however exceptional from the figure emblem. From an SEO perspective, this makes for a super key-word method.

I want that will help you do the equal together with your brand structure.

These 5 rules will help preserve your sub-brand search engine optimization keyword approach real for your emblem photo at the same time as permitting your sub-manufacturers to uniquely stand out.

Why Do Businesses Create Sub-Brands?
To sub-emblem or no longer to sub-brand?

That is the query.


As you build your commercial enterprise’ brand, it’s tempting—and regularly strategic—to widen your footprint over the years.

Companies throughout all industries have portfolios with multiple brands. Sometimes they broaden those manufacturers themselves. Sometimes they acquire them.

There are a number of accurate reasons to create a sub-emblem. Here are some:

To Target Specific Audiences
In some instances, a enterprise might want to differentiate between its flagship brand and sub-brands that target more particular audiences.

Take the automobile logo Toyota and its luxurious sub-emblem Lexus, as an instance. The brands function independently underneath the Toyota umbrella, but they market to one of a kind target audiences. Having separate manufacturers lets in them to hook up with every on a deeper stage.

To Tap Into New Markets
Sub-brands are an opportunity to attain new audiences. Appealing to a new niche allows the determine logo to:

Build a stronger bond with their cutting-edge patron base
Attract new customers
Expand into a brand new, profitable sales stream
Another technique might be for product enlargement. Companies can use sub-manufacturers to test a product on the market beneath a special logo call.

Who can say in which they might come to be?


To Uniquely Market Different Products
Whatever the motivations, sub-manufacturers must stay actual to the parent emblem’s mission as they increase.

Each product has its very own persona, experience, and set of functions even though they’re all separate items below the identical umbrella corporation. This also means every sub-emblem needs a separate price range for advertising and promotion.

So, of path, your sub-brand SEO keyword method needs to be sharp to assist it.

Influencing engines like google will take time, but it will pay off when the conversions your strategy drives display up in audience and revenue.

#1: Think About the Audiences for Your Main and Sub-Brands
Look on the demand of your target market and potential target audience. How are you going to fulfill their desires with a sub-emblem?

To solution this question, you must decide their seek purpose. Use key-word research to formulate this strategy.

Your content material wishes to offer them with the records they need. From your branding for your content material, you need to spark a unique dating along with your target market.


As I’ve said within the beyond, brand-unswerving people need to find a brand to be loyal to.

The corporation’s commercial enterprise desires ought to function the cornerstone of the choice to amplify. How you cross approximately your sub-emblem search engine optimization techniques is precise on your favored final results.

For example, I wager you didn’t understand Converse become a sub-emblem of Nike.

Well, if you’re on Converse’s advertising team, using “running shoe” as the sub-brand’s search engine marketing key-word would be “off logo.” A greater fitting key-word for the approach could be “excessive pinnacle shoes.”

So, at the same time as Converse is a sub-emblem of Nike, their key-word strategy units them aside from the discern company to see self-maintaining conversions.

You’ll word when the right aggregate of keywords serves the enterprise and sub-brand’s desires.

How will you understand you hit that candy spot?

Your target audience will let you know.

Insights out of your content performance metrics and ROI will reveal a wealth of resources. Then, you can maintain the ones wins by using following that equal method, adjusting as wanted.

#2: Keep an Eye on Your Competition
You’ll want to preserve an eye out for the opposition as you enlarge. A strong feel of your audience and competition will help differentiate your sub-brand.

Say you want to step right into a market and project the industry norms.

Think of some of your favourite parent agencies. Now, consider some of their spin-off thoughts that have been successful.

Who did you believe you studied of?

I idea of Apple.


For instance, Apple gives a selection of tech products. These products undergo the Apple logo and guide the determine employer.

Apple isn’t a product in and of itself, but every sub-emblem leverages Apple’s emblem cost and appeals to numerous market niches.

When Apple first commenced, they desired to be perceived as the opportunity to the mainstream. Sub-brands assist perform this plan. Think approximately how users proudly declare their loyalty to Apple products: “No PCs for me; I am a Mac man.” “I don’t have an MP3 participant; I actually have an iPod.” “It’s not a Blackberry; it’s an iPhone.”


Sub-manufacturers allow Apple to stand out from the competition in absolutely one of a kind markets. Google’s set of rules favors domain range, which means which you’re no longer probable to see a ton of pages from the identical area in a given SERP. This method that once speaking sub-manufacturers, you need to use as many domains as feasible.
While the previous examples leveraged Apple’s logo fairness, the employer has also had success with sub-brands that stand by myself.

A multi-domain search engine optimization method, now not to be burdened with subdomain, allows them marketplace Shazam as a sub-logo beneath the Apple logo. While branded as an person product, Shazam is set up as a separate domain that drives traffic again to Apple’s area. It feeds in users via Apple Music.


While it’s now not a cross-to search engine optimization approach like keyword optimization, a a couple of-area search engine optimization method is an out-of-the-container play that doubles your threat to rank for a couple of domain names.

With sub-logo SEO, you may implement a a couple of-area method without devaluing the brand via strengthening its method to their audience and against competition.

#three: Avoid Keyword Cannibalization at All Costs
Before you’re making your manner down sub-emblem search engine optimization street, don’t take a wrong flip with your content due to key-word cannibalization.

If more than one of your pages pop up for the identical seek question, you’re competing in opposition to yourself. Because they goal the identical key phrases, your pages consume into each other’s overall performance (hint: why we name it cannibalization).

Keyword cannibalization troubles don’t include a “one-size-suits-all” solution. There are unique tactics to cope with unique cannibalization problems.

Those procedures include:


Merging Page Topics: Try to merge pages with similar topics which can be getting within the way of how the page is competing among others.
Page Re-optimization: Taking any other stab at the topic by way of re-optimizing pages helps set clear intentions for the web page.
Redirect lesser-appearing content material: Once you decide which of the cannibalizing pages is the strongest, eliminate different pages and broken links you now not need. From here, you could carry out normal content audits. You’ll want to make your subjects come first and have your keywords work for them.
Fix cannibalization issues and also you’ll pull on your target market, further establishing logo authority for your industry.

#four Be Realistic About Keyword Difficulty
Estimating key-word problem exhibits how tough it’ll be to rank first on Google. As you brainstorm the “keyword bank” you want to apply in your sub-brand, recollect it needs to be practical and profitable.

The problem of a keyword is determined by using variables like area authority, web page authority, and content great. So, use these points to guide you closer to those that fit your sub-brand best.

Say your sub-brand is a dog treat growth out of your most important canine meals line:

An SEO tool like Ubersuggest tells you which ones keywords are most difficult to rank for. An easy key-word issue score lands among 0 and 29. From the listing above, you could see they all rank over 30, meaning the opposition is tough. This record additionally offers you a sense of the keywords your competition is targeting.

Another beneficial spotlight is user seek reason. Before entering into a selected market, this helps see how your potential target audience may gain from the usage of your sub-emblem as their answer.


Sub-brand SEO optimization is sort of a marathon and might not reach its full ability in a single day.

However, concentrated on a time period with a excessive keyword trouble like “dog treats” is still profitable. If the ROI is good enough and the capability conversion charge is suitable, pass for it!

Even if a keyword has a low trouble rating, is it simply well worth targeting if the ROI shows that there may be little hazard of making a living from it and that it isn’t often searched for?

#5: Think About Brand Architecture at All Times
You are placing your company in threat if you don’t keep a sub-brand consistent with its parent organization. You’re no longer taking full advantage of the figure emblem’s fairness in case you implement a sub-logo’s approach in isolation.

This should potentially harm the figure logo’s credibility. We noticed this when Old Navy overtook the Gap as a sub-logo by means of strategizing in isolation.

A essential aspect of the emblem structure “domestic” is the method it takes to construct out a room (a sub-logo). Remember the house instance I explained to you in advance? With a sub-emblem, you need to think about the format and the way it suits in the discern business enterprise, or “domestic.”


Examine the emblem approach of your figure organisation at the same time as maintaining in thoughts the possibility of future sub-brands. How can you enlarge to provide greater answers to your target market? What new markets do you need to overcome?

What is a sub-brand?
A sub-brand is shaped while a logo extends to one or extra new character product categories. Based on the results of this enlargement, sub-manufacturers may be an effective advertising device.

A sub-emblem makes use of a completely unique call to increase its very own emblem, though that call occasionally enhances or plays off the call of the discern logo. A sub-logo also has its personal consumer expectancies and personalities awesome from the determine organization.

What does a sub-brand imply?
A sub-logo is created while a number one logo expands. Take Diet Coke for instance. It has a completely unique coloration code, but it includes the enduring Coca-Cola logo with the recognizable bottle shape.

Sub-brands are often advanced as a way to connect to untapped markets. Sub-brands can then set up themselves within the new market on behalf of the parent corporation.

The concept of sub-branding is not new.


Through sub-branding and brand extensions, iconic businesses have determined a way to increase emblem reputation and “go international” over the years.

Maintaining your determine logo’s imaginative and prescient for the future is less complicated if you map out how the sub-logo’s boom will affect it, and vice versa.

Your emblem is handiest as robust as your brand structure. So, be strategic about the way you construct out your “home”—from figure organisation to sub-emblem(s).


Sub-emblem SEO helps you be planned with how you build out this idea.

The more in-tune you are along with your lengthy-time period desires, the less complicated it’s far to discern out your preliminary path for a brand new product line.

Keep your intentions clear always, ensuring that each new entity has a stand-by myself persona and capabilities in the larger framework of your determine company.

Are you considering launching a sub-brand? Do you want to study your brand structure so your search engine marketing efforts work to your choose? Get in touch with my team and we can assist you brainstorm your alternatives.

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