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How to Look Up Previous Tweets in Six Easy Steps

Twitter is a powerful tool for organizations and people alike. It’s a platform to proportion news, connect with clients, and speak thoughts.

For the ones of us who tweet loads, like me, what’s the very best way to find vintage tweets?

Maybe you tweeted a incredible enterprise idea final yr, but you can’t take into account what it changed into. Or possibly you bear in mind making a mainly witty remark and need to peer how many retweets it got.

It might be which you want to discover and delete vintage tweets. Maybe you tweeted some thing irrelevant, or you just need to start fresh. Or even to spotlight how things have changed over the years.

In this newsletter, we’ll proportion six ways to look for vintage tweets and let you know a way to delete them. We’ll additionally answer a number of the most commonplace questions people have approximately this method. Let’s dive in!

Why Finding Old Tweets Matters
Before we get into the specific ways to look for antique tweets, allow’s speak about why it subjects.

For starters, many employers and capability customers behavior historical past exams on social media earlier than hiring or running with a person. If you have embarrassing or old tweets that could be seen as offensive, they may now not need to paintings with you.

In addition, in case you want to begin a new account or delete your current one and start over, deleting your antique tweets is the exceptional manner to do it. This will ensure that no person can find them later on.

Finding antique tweets may be a case of saving face or saving your reputation. We’ve all said matters we’re no longer happy with inside the beyond. The permanency of the net manner off-hand feedback can be difficult to break out. We’ve all visible testimonies of 5-year-old tweets coming returned to bite people and spoil their careers.


Better to locate those tweets and delete them for proper, regardless of how innocuous they’ll appear.

How Do I Search for Old Tweets?
The maximum obvious way to search Twitter for vintage tweets is to scroll again thru your timeline. However, this can take a long term, depending on how an awful lot you tweet. Even in case you best tweeted as soon as an afternoon for three years, that’s over 1,000 tweets you’ve were given to scroll via.

Fear now not—there are several approaches to locate and delete older tweets quick and easily.

1. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search
Twitter’s advanced search function is the perfect and most comprehensive way to go looking Twitter for antique tweets for your or each person else’s profile.

You can search Twitter using a couple of filters, including date, key-word, places, and bills. That way you can pinpoint an actual tweet or find more than one tweets that each one meet the equal criteria. You may even discover users who are talking approximately your enterprise with out tagging (or @ing) you.


Chances are, you have already used Twitter’s search panel at the proper-hand side of your computing device display or the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your mobile screen to look for primary such things as hashtags and customers. Well, the superior search web page is a piece specific.

Let’s look closer at a way to use Twitter’s advanced search.

Next, select what you need to look Twitter for. Let’s say we want to see what I said approximately hyperlink building in 2016.

We start by means of typing “link constructing” into the exact word seek bar.

Then select the date variety. In this case, we’re seeking out tweets among the start and quit of 2016.

Voila. Our Twitter seek gives us a listing of each time I referred to “link constructing” in a tweet in 2016.


You can use the advanced Twitter search clear out’s standards to locate pretty much any tweet you need. You can use the date range to pinpoint what a person tweeted on a particular day. You also can use it to find your first tweet ever.

In my case, I joined Twitter pretty early on, in March 2007.

Finding my first tweet is as simple as going returned to the superior seek characteristic and applying the following filters:

My account (@neilpatel)
The date variety (March 1, 2007 – March 31, 2007)
Twitter’s search doesn’t list the tweets in chronological order, however it is straightforward to look what my first tweet become.

The satisfactory factor about Twitter’s superior seek feature is how clean it’s miles to trade the parameters and run a new search with out going returned to the primary search web page.

In the instance above, we will speedy edit the Twitter seek to discover what I tweeted approximately in March 2020.

If your authentic parameters weren’t slim enough, you may without difficulty upload greater to the present Twitter search. For instance, we can upload “coronavirus” to the begin of the hunt to simplest include tweets related to the pandemic.

We also can search for another person’s tweets in the course of the same timeframe through including “OR from:[Twitter handle]” after my name.


Let’s use this to peer what my suitable friend Eric Siu had to say.

Other Uses for Twitter Advanced Search
There are a large number of uses for the advanced search capabilities in Twitter. How you technique your Twitter search depends at the records you’re seeking.

Search Twitter by Sentiment
Sentiment searches allow you to understand what key phrases humans use and why they use them thru a simple shape of natural language processing (NLP). Such searches are typically categorized as effective, negative, and impartial.

For manufacturers, knowing both what and why people seek can help you discern out what your capacity customers want.

In the example beneath, I searched for the word “iphone?” to locate humans asking questions on iPhones. You can clear out outcomes to see pinnacle tweets, latest tweets, people, pictures, or motion pictures. There are extra alternatives on the app, although they now and again alternate based totally on modern-day occasions.


Use Location Filters
Find tweets in any united states or town with geolocation filters.

That way, you’ll be able to weed out the tweets from far off locations. This is important if you’re a small nearby commercial enterprise because you could goal leads proper for your region.

Just upload “close to:(town/usa)” and “within:(X mi)” to locate tweets from any unique location worldwide.

The “close to:” addition filters out exactly where you need to see tweets from. The “inside:” addition helps you to pick out the space from the location you want to peer tweets from.

For example, in case you personal a restaurant in a particular area, you can locate every person searching out a place to eat and ship them for your commercial enterprise.


Your seek might appearance some thing like this:
Track Twitter Mentions by using Searching for Usernames
Say you’re in search of new leads. A username seek is a amazing way to tune mentions.

All you’ve were given to do is add “to:” or “from:” before a username.

The “to:” search exhibits tweets despatched to that user. For example, if you look for “to:NeilPatel,” you’ll see tweets that different Twitter accounts despatched to me, whether or not in response to my tweets or independently.

If you enter “from:” before my name, you’ll alternatively see tweets I’ve despatched out:

You probably could use this option greater to search for tweets from competitors, now not yours.

Use Twitter Advanced Search to Exclude Irrelevant Results
Cut out the Twitter seek effects you don’t need using the exclusion filter.

All you’ve were given to do is upload the “-” symbol earlier than a keyword, clear out, or Twitter user.

For example, if you need to locate Twitter customers speakme about smartphones, but you don’t want to look tweets from a competitor (let’s say Samsung), just search for “phone” -samsung.


Getting subtle outcomes virtually may be that clean.

2. Ask Twitter for Your Records
Twitter additionally allows you to request a duplicate of your data. This includes all tweets, likes, follows, and different data associated with your account.

To try this, go to the “Settings and Privacy” tab for your Twitter settings and click “Request Your Data.” You’ll then input some private information earlier than Twitter sends you a link to download your facts.

Go to “Settings and privacy.”

Then click “Your account.”


Then “Download an archive of your information.”

Enter your password, then click on “Request archive.” You’ll get a notification whilst your .ZIP report is prepared to download.

Three. Try Wayback Machine
Wayback Machine is an internet archiving carrier you could use to search old tweets. All you have to do is enter the URL of the Twitter profile you want to look, and the Wayback Machine will display you all of its archived data.

This is mainly beneficial in case you’re searching out deleted tweets, as they may nevertheless be archived at the Wayback Machine. The only catch right here is you want to realize kind of whilst the tweet was made. The reason for that is that you gained’t get shown pictures till you pick a day or time for the photograph. So without an concept of the time frame it will likely be tough to discover stuff.

Use a Third-Party Website to Delete Your Old Tweets
If you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to find vintage tweets, there are some 1/3-celebration web sites that can assist.

Four. All My Tweets
All My Tweets permits you to look your entire Twitter history in a single place. You can also delete tweets, retweet them, or upload them to lists. You can log in the use of your Twitter account.

5. Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder is another beneficial website online for looking and deleting antique tweets. It’s a wonderful device to put off offensive or old tweets quick. You can effortlessly seek vintage tweets and delete them in bulk with only some clicks.

You can also use Tweet Binder to get a full file on any Twitter account, no longer simply your own. This is high-quality in case you need to find out what someone else turned into tweeting about within the past or see how their activity at the platform has modified over time.

6. TweetDeleter
TweetDeleter permits you to delete all of your antique tweets in one pass. It’s speedy and smooth to use—all you need to do is log in with your Twitter account and choose the tweets you want to delete. TweetDeleter even offers a loose plan.

This is a top notch answer for folks who tweet an lousy lot and might find their archive a bit overwhelming when they down load it.

Should I Delete My Old Tweets?
The selection to delete your antique tweets is absolutely up to you. If they include information that could be embarrassing or unfavourable, it’s in all likelihood a good idea to cast off them.


However, if your tweets don’t include some thing too controversial or outdated, then it is probably exceptional simply to depart them be. After all, Twitter can be a excellent way to reveal off your character and percentage your mind with the arena!

As you may see, you may make a good case in want of maintaining all of your vintage tweets, but there’s an similarly desirable case in favor of deleting them (or at least deleting the worst of them).

Let’s examine each aspects of the coin under to look if we are able to come to a choice.

How to Delete Old Tweets in Bulk
If you want to delete your vintage tweets in bulk, there are some distinctive methods to do it.

TweetEraser lets in you to delete your old tweets in bulk. Simply log in together with your Twitter account, pick out the tweets you want to delete, and click on the “Delete” button.


As mentioned above, TweetDeleter lets you delete your old tweets quickly and without difficulty. You can choose which tweets to delete manually or use their superior filters to narrow down the hunt. Best of all, TweetDeleter lets you hold your deleted tweets on their app. You may not want different users to look them anymore, but you could re-examine them on every occasion you need.


TwitWipe allows you to delete all of your old tweets in a single move. All you have to do is log in with your Twitter account and click the “Delete” button.

Pros of Deleting Your Old Tweets
Deleting vintage tweets gives you a hazard at a sparkling begin and might help avoid any unwanted and bad publicity as your target audience grows. Here are some of the great motives for deleting vintage tweets:

You’ve changed critiques on a particular topic. Changing your opinion is a exquisite trait, however you may now not want all of us calling you a hypocrite.
You want to begin over. You can keep away from embarrassment or consequences from previous or offensive tweets.
You want to convey your professionalism. It allow you to preserve a expert and credible presence on Twitter.
You’ve switched industries. If you used to paintings in e-trade however now paintings for non-income, it is probably worth deleting antique tweets unrelated for your current discipline.
You don’t want a new employer spying to your history. Some employers take a look at social media accounts earlier than creating a hire. Don’t let them find whatever they won’t like.
If you want the advice of a social media expert, Katie Linendoll believes that when you have to think two times approximately a tweet, then just delete it. “If you’re hesitant on a tweet and you think it is probably dicey, then in what ability do you think it’s a very good concept to maintain it up there?” she asks. “It’s mind-boggling to me, it’s just no longer worth it.”


Cons of Deleting Your Old Tweets
Deleting your old tweets isn’t necessarily the pleasant pass. Deleting your tweets has a few pretty big drawbacks, especially if you plan to delete a big number.

People may additionally be aware. For those with a huge following, mass deleting all of your old tweets can be as horrific as not deleting them. Doing so may additionally purpose people to invest on what you stated within the beyond, even if you didn’t say some thing horrific at all.
Deleted tweets are long gone for suitable. There’s no getting a tweet lower back when you delete it, so carefully recollect whether you’re inclined to let it pass.
You don’t need to miss out. You may additionally omit out on critical conversations associated with subjects you’ve discussed within the beyond.
It may be a big time commitment. It may be time-eating to delete your vintage tweets.
Mass deleting tweets might also imply dropping sentimental posts. Old pics or messages to a now-departed pal might also maintain exceptional sentimental fee. I’d endorse towards deleting those styles of messages anyplace viable. Even in case you don’t suppose you’ll pass over the tweet now, you may alternate your thoughts in the destiny.
How do you find a specific tweet from a specific date?
You can use the Wayback Machine to go looking antique tweets from a specific date. Simply enter the tweet’s URL into the Wayback Machine, and you need to be capable of discover it. You can also use Twitter’s superior seek feature to find tweets from a selected date.

How can I see my vintage tweets without scrolling?
You can use a third-party internet site like TweetDeleter or TwitWipe to view your vintage tweets without having to scroll. These websites can help you seek thru your antique tweets and delete them in bulk.


Can I delete all my vintage tweets straight away?
Yes, you could delete all your old tweets right away the use of a 3rd-birthday celebration internet site like TweetEraser, TweetDeleter, or TwitWipe. These websites will let you delete all of your vintage tweets in one cross.

Can I undelete a tweet?
Unfortunately, after you delete a tweet it can not be recovered. However, you may use the Wayback Machine to search old tweets from a specific date. This permits you to view deleted tweets that had been published earlier than they have been deleted.

It’s not constantly easy to find what you or someone else tweeted in the beyond, particularly in case you’re a prolific tweeter. Tweeting often is a first-rate way to develop your personal emblem and your enterprise, however it may also make it difficult to hold song of what you stated.

Now you realize the way to look for antique tweets.

Whether you use Twitter’s advanced search characteristic, request all of your activity from the platform, or use a third-birthday party tool, locating old tweets can let you identify which ones you want to hold and that you need to delete.


Deleting old tweets may be a awesome way to keep a expert and up-to-date presence on Twitter. Whether you select to delete all of your old tweets or just a number of them, it’s essential to suppose carefully approximately what sort of message you’re sending with your tweets.

By being conscious of the content material you submit, you can ensure that your Twitter profile displays who you actually are and what you stand for.

Whose old tweets are you going to study first? What embarrassing things did you tweet about in the beyond?

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