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How To Streamline Your Blogging Workflow

Running a blog may be tough paintings. It’s no longer unusual to sense overwhelmed and annoyed when you sit right down to write a blog put up. Especially while you’re still a beginner!


Over the years, I’ve located that the more organized I became, the higher I became at blogging. Having an movement plan and a running a blog workflow in location is crucial. Setting out a structure and process which you follow to get you from Point A to Point B is one of the effective things you can have.

No greater general chaos and strain when looking to figure out how to constantly create content. In this weblog submit, I’m going to dive deep into my running a blog workflow.


I’ll be going via my procedures and how I go from idea to carried out and what you can do to create & streamline yours!

What is a running a blog workflow?
A running a blog workflow is actually a process which you comply with to get your blog posts out into the world.


There are several steps you need to follow before you may hit publish. Life would be less difficult if you can just write what got here to mind and put up it, but there may be a lot more that goes into it!


Following each step of your workflow can simplify your workload and assist you take your concept to fleshed out & finished content.

Usually, the workflow goes a touch something like this: Blog Post Idea → Planning Stage → Creation Stage → Publish


But there are quite some steps that cross into each level so I’ll be overlaying that during my workflow.


I’ll pass over my procedures and then display you ways this interprets into my preferred mission control device ClickUp!

My blogging workflow & proceduresEightPatterns
#1 The concept is born!
Or shall I say ideas?!


Part of my running a blog workflow is maintaining a jogging list of thoughts at all times. I maintain an editorial calendar with ideas that come to me in a spreadsheet. Psst… you can read my editorial calendar submit and clutch my exact template here.


Whenever proposal strikes or I find people asking me the equal questions over and over once more, I make it a factor to jot it down so I can cover the subject in a weblog post inside the future.

I love keeping a piece of writing calendar because on every occasion it’s time to write down, I can just grasp a subject from my listing. And as time is going on, my list can help me generate new ideas or I delete them if I feel like I’m no longer feeling that submit concept.
#2 Plan & defineTheOneSeeStore
Once I pick an concept from my editorial calendar, it’s time to plot out my put up.


The first thing I do is select a keyword to be able to be a theme during my put up. This is for search engine marketing purposes and ranking in Google which could be very crucial!

After I decide on the keyword I’ll be using, I begin brainstorming what I’ll be overlaying with reference to that subject matter.

Then, I pass into WordPress, type inside the identify, and begin an outline. (Don’t fear about already choosing a name at this factor! I just provide you with one I like within the moment and is key-word-optimized. But you could usually change this later.)


I like doing my outlines at once in WordPress however you could use some thing else like Google Docs after which switch it over.

My outlines are typically quick and candy. I do not pass too much in-intensity and simply ensure to write down the intro, major factors, and end.

#three It’s time to jot down
After outlining my post, I come returned tomorrow with a sparkling thoughts and begin honestly writing out my blog publish.


You surely can get to paintings proper after outlining, but I find that I even have the exceptional thoughts and my writing is higher after I come lower back to my define after taking a smash. Since I like to work on my blog posts over the path of several days, I mark my to-do’s in my Content Planner!

During this time, I recognition completely at the writing. I don’t add photos, links, choose-ins or anything like that yet. Most of my writing is carried out at the start of the week so it’s prepared in time to submit on Fridays.

Sometimes I’m ahead of my content material by some weeks and different times I write them the very equal week they’re imagined to cross stay.

It varies and it is clearly no longer that big of a deal! What’s most critical to me is ensuring I’m always posting every week.

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#4 Review & editteckcrunchs
After writing your blog publish, it’s crucial to proofread and edit your writing. It’s no longer easy to seize every single mistake so I like to apply the free device Grammarly to help me out.
When reviewing my publish, I need to ensure the clarity is right, the search engine marketing is right and that the whole lot flows together. I additionally make sure to preview my put up on my weblog on desktop in addition to cell. I’ll shorten sentences or break up paragraphs if it looks too clunky on cellular.


While I’m editing, that is once I start adding inside the headlines, hyperlinks, affiliate links, photographs, choose-in freebies, and pin snap shots.

The Yoast search engine marketing plugin is a lifesaver. It allows me make certain that the entirety is optimized and ready to move before I hit put up. This is likewise an awesome time to take any other break and come again to your writing with a sparkling mind for one ultimate assessment.


#5 Hit post
Once I’m sure that the whole thing is calling correct, I am formally prepared to hit put up — the instant we have all been waiting for!

Technically, my posts are completed before Friday so I hit Schedule as an alternative and set it up to exit on Friday morning.


But before any of that is completed, I ensure the little information are properly to go as well. That way ensuring I even have a class selected, a featured photo, and an optimized permalink. The worst component is having an excellent blog put up written handiest to found out it’s been published underneath Uncategorized for who is aware of how lengthy!


#6 Promotion
The closing step in my entire running a blog workflow is pushing my put up out into the world. It’s my toddler and I worked hard on it.

I need human beings to read it so I ensure to have a strategy in location to sell my publish. That way immediately saving my pins to Pinterest. I additionally auto-post it to Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes, I’ll also go on Instagram to let people understand that there may be a new article up on my weblog. You can also send out a e-newsletter for your electronic mail listing as well!


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Streamlining your workflow with ClickUp
Now which you have a hard concept of my complete running a blog workflow, I need to share a effective tool that I use to streamline my manner. It’s a free project control tool known as ClickUp.


All of those steps, tiers, and techniques go at once into ClickUp so that I can comply with alongside and check matters off with out missing a beat.

It eliminates the possibility of forgetting to do something or skipping a step. With ClickUp, I installation my blog posts with task lists. The undertaking lists have the whole lot I need to do earlier than the put up goes live.

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